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What is a "giclee"?
Giclee (from the French giclee — spraying, spraying) is a technique for printing reproductions of paintings and other images in very high resolution on canvas or paper.

Initially, the term "giclee" was used to denote digital artistic printing of photographs in limited editions on atypical materials (watercolor paper / canvas). Such photo prints were appreciated by collectors.

The main difference between a "giclee" and a simple "print" is that to print a giclee, you need a preliminary digitization of the work with the help of special professional equipment, for this you need the original of the painting. This gives incredible detail and color accuracy. Simply put, it will not be possible to print a giclee from an ordinary photo.

Additionally , the author signs each copy manually and puts the print number from the series . For example, "2/10". This means that the whole series consists of 10 prints and this is the 2nd of them. Which confirms the author's certification and exclusivity.
After the print is varnished.
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